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Sep 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
government policies out of the obama administration that will make the auto industry less competitive in the long run because what they have done is made it harder to manufacture in the united states and harder to create jobs here and if we're going to have a u.s. auto industry that is sustainable in the long run, what mitt romney is committed to, we have to change policy and that's what mitt romney will do. >> the argument might ring hollow to someone who is an auto worker in ohio who is suddenly getting more hours, right, the overtime that he hadn't gotten the last three years. >> well, ultimately that's want because of what the president did. we don't believe it is because of what the president did. we believe it is because of the resilience of the american people. the question is what's going to get the auto industry steady for the long run. the answer is not increased government involvement. it is policies that will create greater job creation and greater manufacturing in the united states and those are the policies we believe that governor romney and ryan are advancing during th
Sep 25, 2012 9:00am EDT
months of the president obama's administration. i ran to the bit, too many things happening too fast. first t.a.r.p., auto industry, stimulus, home modification and the deficits are going up, up, up. so i blew a valve on it. what would it be like to have this president with a lame duck scenario where he has no governor, where he can do without the notion that he has to get re-elected again. do you see this as a big market issue, in terms of dividend taxes, obama care, taxes and higher fees there? >> i most certainly do. i think he's going to try to push his agenda. some people want to look back too the clinton years when he lost big time in the midterms just as obama did. >> november '93. >> clinton gave ground. obama has given no ground. i don't know there's any indication he'll give any ground this time. that's a big mistake if that's the case. i hope not. but it appears that's a real possibility. >> how times have changed. i thought mitt romney had a bit of a -- he could do a bit of a "saturday night live" skit, he had some good laughs there, but think about al gore, vice presiden
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2